Cooking with Venison…

A couple weeks ago, Connor shot his first deer in Northern Maine and we were able to take home about 110 pounds of meat! I’m so proud of him and thankful that we’re fortunate enough to be able to eat something directly from the wild. When purchasing meat from the grocery store, it’s difficult toContinue reading “Cooking with Venison…”

Filming My First Video…

Hi all! Recently, Connor and I have been doing some brainstorming on different types of content that you guys would like to see. We came up with the idea of creating some “how to” videos to mix it up rather than a constant feed of just pictures of food and their respective recipe. I wasContinue reading “Filming My First Video…”

Parmesan Sliders w/ Garlic Aioli and Bacon Jam

Connor came home the other day and suggested I make up a recipe for parmesan sliders. I started to think about what I could add to the slider and serve as a side with them and I dreamt up a delicious combination! I served these with my recipe of twice-cooked parmesan fries, (which I’ll haveContinue reading “Parmesan Sliders w/ Garlic Aioli and Bacon Jam”

Homemade Ramen Bowls

Hi! Welcome to the Sister Segment! Kendyl, my oldest sister, was facetiming me the other day and thought it would be a good idea to cook together over zoom. Since she lives in Colorado, it’s impossible to see each right now. Since we both have a passion in cooking, she thought it would be aContinue reading “Homemade Ramen Bowls”

Grocery Store Hauls…

I know lots of people that stress about going to the grocery store, however I can give you a couple tips that honestly make the journey much less stressful, and actually something you can learn to enjoy! When I first started in the kitchen, grocery shopping was very daunting for me. How would I knowContinue reading “Grocery Store Hauls…”

Southwest Steak Bowls

Southwest Steak Bowls are a dish that I dreamt up when I was craving a burrito but had no tortillas in the house! I would choose these over a burrito any day. They’re so delicious and versatile, you could add anything you’d like to these bowls. However: this is how I made mine. Serves: 3 – Cooktime: 45Continue reading “Southwest Steak Bowls”

Classic American Chop Suey

American Chop Suey is a dish that is perfect for the cold winter months. The ultimate comfort food: it’s so easy to make and doesn’t dirty many dishes! This dish reminds me of home as my mom used to make it often. The thing that I love most about this dish is it makes SOContinue reading “Classic American Chop Suey”

The perfect timing…

When I first started in the kitchen, I found that the most challenging thing for me was timing the food as it became done. The goal in the kitchen is when serving a meal, to have everything be finishing up at the same time…however this is much trickier than it sounds. I’ve noticed throughout myContinue reading “The perfect timing…”

Red Hot Chile con Carne

Last night was rainy and dreary so I decided to make something that really boosts my mood…chili! It’s so easy and quick, but the flavors are so amazing and rich it tastes like it should be difficult to make! This recipe serves 4 + leftovers. Thankfully, chili freezes exceptionally well. Pop it in the freezerContinue reading “Red Hot Chile con Carne”