How to Cook: Wild Turkey Legs

My “How to Cook” posts are intended to provide guidance on how to cook different types of wild game. When I first started experimenting with different types of meat, I couldn’t find a lot of advice and recipes on certain types of wild game. Through trial and error I’ve learned what works best when preparingContinue reading “How to Cook: Wild Turkey Legs”

Wild Turkey & Bean Enchiladas

Growing up, my mom used to make enchiladas with beef, but now that Connor & I don’t buy beef from the grocery store, I figured I would substitute out the beef with shredded wild turkey legs. I was so pleased! The great thing about this recipe is you could swap out the turkey for whateverContinue reading “Wild Turkey & Bean Enchiladas”

How to Cook: Snowshoe Hare

I think there’s often a bad connotation with eating rabbit because they’re considered cute & fluffy. Connor has been hunting rabbits with dogs and recently he brought rabbit legs home for me to try some new recipes with. Rabbit legs reminded me of a smaller turkey leg so I figured I’d throw it in theContinue reading “How to Cook: Snowshoe Hare”

Creamy Italian Rabbit Soup

Recently, Connor has been out hunting snowshoe hares with beagles and on Friday, he brought home rabbit meat for me to try. I threw the legs into the crock pot and slow cooked for about 6 hours. The meat on the rabbit legs falls right off the bone and is the perfect addition to aContinue reading “Creamy Italian Rabbit Soup”

Barbeque Venison Ribs

For the first time this past deer season, Connor brought home the ribs on the deer he was fortunate enough to shoot. I’ve always enjoyed ribs that I’ve bought from the grocery store, so I was thrilled to try venison ribs! I added a dry rub to these to flavor during the initial cook, andContinue reading “Barbeque Venison Ribs”

Teriyaki Moose Bowls

Running out of ideas to use your ground moose meat? Try these teriyaki moose bowls. They’re easy, full of protein, and so delicious. Definitely a favorite over here in our kitchen! Serves:  1 Bowl –  Prepare Time: 20 minutes +/- INGREDIENTS: TERIYAKI MOOSE BOWLS: PICKLED CUCUMBER: DIRECTIONS: 1.) Prepare rice by following directions on package. I preferContinue reading “Teriyaki Moose Bowls”

Teriyaki Moose Meatballs

I was inspired to try out teriyaki meatballs when I saw a recipe along the same lines using ground turkey. Our freezer is full of wild game and right now we have plentiful amounts of ground moose. Connor & I don’t buy meat from the grocery store, so we have to use what we haveContinue reading “Teriyaki Moose Meatballs”

Maple Bourbon Porcupine Burgers

The first time I gave porcupine a try, I was less than pleased. Porcupines are herbivores which means that they feed on plants and trees. During the winter, they feed off the bark and needles of conifer trees which can leave the meat with a “piney” taste. My first attempt at cooking porcupine looked aContinue reading “Maple Bourbon Porcupine Burgers”

Wild Turkey Sloppy Joes

I’m always trying to invent new ways that I can use the leg meat on wild turkeys, so when our friend Will came over for dinner and suggested sloppy joes, the gears started turning in my head. I realized this would be a great way to use the leg meat. Slow cooked for 8 hoursContinue reading “Wild Turkey Sloppy Joes”

Wild Turkey Gnocci Soup

Opening day for fall turkey in Maine is September 19th and I couldn’t be more excited. As I continue to say, wild turkey is my favorite game meat and I love that I’m just scratching the surface on ways to prepare it. The legal bag limit in our zone in Maine is 5 turkeys perContinue reading “Wild Turkey Gnocci Soup”