Filming My First Video…

Hi all! Recently, Connor and I have been doing some brainstorming on different types of content that you guys would like to see. We came up with the idea of creating some “how to” videos to mix it up rather than a constant feed of just pictures of food and their respective recipe. I was facetiming my best friend before I knew how these videos were filmed and asked her if these videos were filmed by someone attaching their phone to their head…(stupid, I know). She obviously laughed and told me that there were a different variety of set ups but most people use a type of tripod.

Everything that I looked at was CRAZY expensive and I didn’t want to invest in something too expensive right away unless I decided that this was something that I wanted to continue regularly. I found a setup that I liked that was affordable, bought all the stuff on amazon, and played the waiting game until it arrived at my door about a week later. I assembled it all together and brought it over to my counter. Connor and I live in a fairly small apartment because we’re just starting out, so the kitchen is not the space I’ve always dreamed of, however, it does the trick and has everything I need (except an island of course). For my first recipe Connor suggested a type of Parmesan burger slider and I ran with it. I dreamt up a recipe for the sliders and I served them on a toasted bun with lettuce, homemade bacon jam and homemade garlic aioli. It was DELCIOUS!

I actually used my iPhone to film, which yielded a good video quality. I screwed my phone into the holder that was attached to the arm that was attached to the edge of the kitchen counter and filmed. I prepped all the food in pretty ramekins and tried to create an “eye pleasing” set up using a wooden cutting board my grandfather had made for me, extra lighting, and a succulent. For extra lighting I used a desk light that I had from college to mimic a ring light used in photo shoots. I covered the bulb with wax paper to dull the light and give a more even shine.

Overall my video turned out MUCH better than expected, especially because it was a trial run! I uploaded the video and edited it to create a little under two minute video!

Give it a watch (it’s in my previous post) and feel free to offer any feedback on what it needs or any future ideas, thanks!!

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